Monday, December 24, 2007

dec. 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

blue background / pencil scribble series. 2006. bee from a children's book.
this is from an ant series i did 2005/6. i wish still had the rest of them. they were sent out to numerous people.

so there are some OLD postcards ... made in 2005 i think?


i decided to create a blog spot to encourage the continuous creation of art-stuff and to 'publish', or put fourth my 'work'.

i must admit, i'm a bit scared.

i have been craving a community that will require me [through peer pressure or encouragement or criticism or what-have-you] to create on a higher and more regular basis. i have gotten lazy and art is a therapy not to be ignored or neglected. therefore i have decided since i do not currently live at a residency or am involved in a group of like minded people, i will create a tiny place for myself on the internet.

i hope who ever you may be will comment, critique, and encourage the scribbles i post.

i will say this as my disclaimer:

i view art as a therapy, a way of communicating with myself and possibly with other viewers. i have come to know that i am fascinated with how others perceive me and my work. i believe this to be somewhat harmful, in the day to day movements of my life, but in my work and my art-mess i move beyond that self-consciousness. i cannot see myself or the things i make as others do. [although i do sometimes have those out of body experiences] do i want to? yes, in the way we wish for the easy road of life to be lit with neon lights; we want the easy way, but we crave, we need, the best, most honest way.

i work best with dialogue and inspiration from others. at times it can feel like i am stealing peoples ideas; i honestly believe this is not the case. its like i need someone to say "tree climbing" for me to remember it exist and then i cannot stop tree climbing for months. its like being called on the beautiful things in life and then i cannot get them out of my head.

i go through phases and get stuck in one mode. i have made postcards for almost 2 years and somehow just switch to working on sheets of paper. there are patterns in my work.

my goal, my wish, my journey i am working towards is being able to say i am an artist and i make art. right now i am comfortable and happy saying i make stuff.

[i'd also like to be able to sell my work...but i dont really know how to do that]

SO. on with it.
dont let me get lazy. [said to self and you]